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Quick and easy to install and they look great. Perfect Fit blinds require no drilling or screwing during installation – the most attractive and innovative blind available to buy.

Making your home look stylish, comfortable and inviting while at the same time gaining maximum shading from the sun and privacy from the outdoors can be achieved by picking the right type of blinds. Our collection of Perfect Fit blinds are designed to suffice such requirements, making them the perfect choice for your home.

When it comes to your home’s window blinds, combining style, functionality and safety, do not have to be complicated. Our line of Perfect Fit blinds is custom designed in the UK to suit just about any size and type of window frames. With their “Click to Fit” system of installation, these flexible and innovative blinds are easy to integrate and do not demand drilling or screwing. All you have to do is clip them onto your window beads, and you can enjoy them for a long time without worrying about damaging or leaving unsightly marks on your window frames.

Aside from ease of installation, Perfect Fit blinds provide many other benefits that no other forms of window shade systems can provide.

Optimal Shade and Privacy.

Since they perfectly fit on your windows, they leave a minimal gap on the edges of frames. As such, they provide optimal shade against light and sun spot glare and improve privacy indoors, making them an ideal shading and privacy solution for conservatories, French and glazed doors and tilt and turn windows.

Improve home energy efficiency.

With their tight closure around window frames, both these window shade systems are proven to help reduce heat build-up during summer and retain heat in the winter. So not only do these blinds look great, but they can also help you cut back on your home’s heating and cooling bills.

Child Safe.

Perfect Fit blinds are among the safest window coverings available in the market today. Considering that they do not have hanging cords, chains or loops, they do not pose the risk of strangulation. Thus, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can safely use them around your kids and pets.


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