Wave curtains

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An Introduction to Wave Curtains

As an alternative to traditional curtain headings such as pencil pleat, pinch pleat or goblet, the wave curtain heading system offers a more contemporary, neat and stylish curtain presentation.  The finished appearance is similar to that of eyelet curtains but the fabric hangs directly below a wave curtain track in a neat and uniform style.  Wave curtains lend themselves beautifully to wide windows or doors, and are particularly popular across bi-fold or sliding doors and large expanses of glass.

The ‘wave’ effect is created through combining a specially designed wave heading tape that is used to make up the curtains and wave glider-cord that is supplied with the wave track to deliver a soft and simple continuous wave effect.  When opened the curtains stack back neatly and straight and when closed the fabric hangs in a smooth continuous wave effect.


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